Fern Hill Bluegrass Band

Paul Smith, is the lead singer and rhythm guitar player for Fern Hill. He can sing all the harmony parts from tenor to bass. Paul has played this music since his childhood days and for years performed with Northwest bands playing guitar and bass. Paul also handles most of the band business including booking.
Mike Eisler is the banjo player and harmony singer for Fern Hill. A Veteran multi-instrumentalist for many well know west coast bands. Mike has a recent original instrumental project recorded called 
"Lost Tribe".  
Rollie Champe is the tenor/lead singer and mandolin player for the band. Rollie, who also plays guitar and bass, has played in many 
well-known bands from Oregon to South Carolina. Rollie has a classic bluegrass tenor voice and contributes to any harmony part.
Gary Schuh is the newest member of Fern Hill. He rounds out the traditional sound of Fern Hill with his fiddle.


Brett Champe is Fern Hill's bass player.  Immersed in bluegrass his entire life, he's developed his own unique style of singing. Brett's high tenor and baritone adds to Fern Hill's close harmonies. Also an accomplished mandolin player, 
he adds variety to the bands instrumentation